Texas Burger Guy is ALIVE!!!!

Well after much thought and analysis - I have decided that I will be utilizing the newest medium available to convey my passion for a good ol' burger.... the Weblog.

In this weblog - I promise to inform and entertain. I will be doing reviews of burger joints.. mostly mom and pop type places that I have enjoyed over the years here in Texas. I do a wee bit of travelling so every once in a while I'll throw a far out joint into the mix. Actually - in early May of 2004, I had the.. well... umm... opportunity maybe... to travel to France. I didn't get a burger there.. but if I had - well I would have written about it here in a fair and balanced way. No way would I have made some disparaging remark about France in that post.. you can be sure of that.

Anyway - I am excited about this little adventure and hope that you are entertained and informed by what you read. I know I am going to enjoy this...


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