This Week's Review: Burger-Tex

Well folks - this week's review was supposed to be Burger-Tex. I went to this place a few weeks ago and was writing my review today when I started doing a little more research on the place. Turns out that Burger-Tex is not a mom and pop burger joint after all. It is actually a franchise. They have a website with the ugly F-word (franchise) in the left column. http://www.BurgerTex.com. I am sticking to my guns on this one - if you want to be reviewed by me - you gotta be a mom-and-pop hole in the wall burger joint. Period. No websites. No franchises. Just good ol' burgers in a no frills environment.

Since I was duped by Burger-Tex.... I am headed to College Station tomorrow to try out Chicken Oil Company. I'll post my review of Chicken Oil Company tomorrow night.


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