Introducing a NEW TBG Category

Yep - you read it right... it is time to add a brand spankin' new ranking category to TBG reviews! I decided this new category was required for all future TBG reviews after I visited one heck of a burger joint up in Amarillo last weekend. That burger really left an impression on me.... and my heart... SHEESH!!!

So.... what is the name of this new category?????

From this point forward - I will be evaluating burgers based on their ability to deliver you six feet under a few days earlier than you were before you ate the burger. I figure a good mean burger will take a few days off your life... when you have a good greasy nasty burger - it will definitely be bad for your health.

I am naming this new category The Gravedigger. A burger with a high Gravedigger score will cut a few weeks off your life.... I'll be using a shovel icon as well in this category... the more shovels - the more days off your life.....

You have to read the review for Boondock's if you haven't already... that thing took about a month off my life... but man oh man was it worth it!!!!


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