Mt. Olympus: A 50 Pound Burger!!!!

Just when you think you have seen it all... another burger joint out there decides to join the battle of the bulge and submit a new entry for the biggest and baddest burger in all the land.

Clinton Station Diner in Clinton, New Jersey offers up a monster they call the Mt. Olympus which is a whopping 50 pounds!!!! If your appetite is not up to consuming a 50 pound burger - they offer up smaller burgers for smaller appetites. The Zeus is 7 pounds... Atlas is a tiny 3 pounder... Hercules weighs in at 2 pounds... and finally the Clinton Station Diner Happy Meal Achilles which is a 1 pound burger. Talk about herd killers... calves having sleepovers together must stay up and tell scary stories about this place.

Anyway.. here are the pictures and a link to the Clinton Diner site...

The 50 pound Olympus burger

7 pound Zeus

All the burgers together

Clinton Diner's Website: http://www.clintonstationdiner.com/

This story was submitted by: Frank of the International Brotherhood of Sammichmen


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